Plus-size women can find dating difficult. The majority of online advice directed at larger ladies doesn?t help either. You should not have to constantly take up the latest dieting fad that doesn?t work or use fashion strategies that hide your body. 

It?s also time to forget the stigmas Big Beautiful Women (BBW) have about themselves and the perception men have of you. Accept, that every man you meet will not be interested in a relationship with you. But not all men like skinny or attractive girls either.?

No matter what your shape is, the most important thing when you?re dating is to feel good about yourself. The fear you have about not finding a partner because you feel unattractive is all in your head. 

It?s time to unlearn everything you think you know – especially about what society thinks about plus-sized women. Society is wrong about a lot of things. People are programmed to be idiots.?

BBW?s should be confident about dating. Don?t create any expectations, but tell yourself you are deserving of a partner that loves you for who you are. Also, don?t be afraid to break social norms. They suck.

In this article, we?re going to bust the myths about dating and social norms. It?s about time we started to observe the world how it really is rather than the illusion painted by the mainstream media. 

Make The First Move 

There is an unwritten rule in courtship that suggests men should make the first move. Why is anybody?s guess! If a girl sees a guy she likes the look of, why not go over and say hello.?

Whilst it can feel quite intimidating approaching a stranger to say hello – guys feel this way too you know – keep this in mind: every relationship has to start with a friendly conversation.

Don?t have any expectations when you approach a guy. He might turn out to be a jerk anyway. But you will only ever know if you go over and speak with him – otherwise, the fantasy continues to play out on your mind and drive you crazy. 

Be Yourself?

All women are conditioned to act like the mythical damsel in distress that needs rescuing by her knight in shining armour. Let me tell you this; guys don?t wear armour.?

Women that think men are superheroes actually have a mental health issue known as the?father complex. The eminent psychoanalyst Carl Jung said women are conditioned to think that men have to protect them rather than developing their own independence because they had a poor relationship with their father.

Men like women that are authentic. They want to feel confident around you so they can relax and have fun. When women play-act the role they think they are supposed to play, it is very difficult to strike up a rapport. 

First Date Sex?

There?s a social stigma around banging hips on a first date. However, with Covid-19 restrictions and online dating websites, you can get to know a potential partner before you meet in person.?

Virtual dating is likely to become the new normal – for several reasons. First and foremost, it enables singles to build chemistry, it saves time and money and it?s easier to discuss your sexual preferences and boundaries.

By the time your meet for your first IRL date, you?ll both be ?up for it?.?

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